Harvest season has now ended. Thank you to all our customers for your support. No frozen berries available.

Updated 11/3/2019

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Have you Heard?

Blueberries prefer deep well drained acid soils (pH ~5.0) and need a good supply of high quality water. They love a sheltered sunny position yet must have over 750 chill hours in winter for fruit development. Our farm on the volcanic soil of Mount Buninyong is perfect for them.


Our Varieties

We grow (in ripening order) Northern Highbush varieties Duke, Denise, Bluecrop, Bluerose, Brigitta and Northland.

Duke is an early, heavy bearing variety relatively new to Australia.

Denise produce large round blue fruit with a pinky red top. They are our favorite, and demand often beats supply.

Bluecrop is the most common variety grown world wide. Very productive and easiest to pick.

Bluerose are perfect  for PYO because they are tall strong plants that carry a heavy crop over a long season.

Brigitta ripen later and are great for families wanting to make the most of the last few days before school.

Northland produce medium size dark sweet fruit over a long season, wonderful for PYO.


Fresh and Frozen

The best and freshest blueberries are plump with a uniform blue colour and a silver coat called the "bloom". Fresh blueberries refrigerate better if their protective "bloom" is in place. We use no sprays or chemicals on our fruit, but if you want to wash them it's best done just before eating.
Blueberries freeze easily without clumping together. Pop them in a freezer bag, remove what air you can, then into the freezer. Simply pour out the berries you want and keep the rest frozen.
The high levels of antioxidants in blueberries are found in the intense pigments that give the blueberry its name. These antioxidants help counter the damaging effects caused by unstable groups of atoms called free radicals that are released during normal metabolism. Free radicals are associated with several diseases including cancer and heart disease.


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