Harvest season has now ended. Thank you to all our customers for your support. No frozen berries available.

Updated 11/3/2019

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Cash sales only - no cards

PYO usually offered from late January to early March

Conditional entry

PYO times are posted in Latest News or on our facebook page

What We Offer and Expect

Entry is offered only to those who, by observing the following expectations, demonstrate an understanding of the care and protectiveness we have of our valuable crop:

1. Directly supervise your children (please keep children beside the responsible adult).

2. Pick only ripe blue berries, leave all others to ripen for later.

3. Observe our no drop policy - pick up any you do drop. This reduces waste, deters pests and helps protect our valuable crop.

4. Eat no berries until paid for (no sampling). Pick, pay then eat.

5. Treat our 30+ year old plants very gently. Careful picking should leave no damage.

6. Walk carefully on uneven ground and near mulch and driplines - damage to plants is not excused.

We do not offer PYO on declared Code Red Fire Days in the Central District.

No buses.

PYO entry is free but please pick carefully and gently. Please respect the fact that we offer PYO to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to purchase a bulk supply of fresh blueberries at minimal price, whilst at the same time limiting the impact on our bushes.

Bring along a picnic to enjoy under our shady Chestnut and Walnut trees. Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on leads and out of the blueberry rows.



Please park well clear of our 24/7 access track and gateway.

How Easy

Once invited onto our property you will be greeted by one of our happy team who will supply you with a bucket and an introduction to blueberry picking. Then it's off to the designated row and on with the picking.

When you've gathered your bounty take your berries to the shed to be weighed, paid for and bagged.

Stock Up

Because blueberries freeze so well many of our visitors have a happy family day picking a year's supply of blueberries for freezing, particularly for those who enjoy blueberry muffins, smoothies, pies, pancakes, jam, sauces, muesli, yoghurt and crumbles.

You can't get any fresher or cheaper than PYO.