Harvest season has now ended. Thank you to all our customers for your support. No frozen berries available.

Updated 11/3/2019

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Cash sales only - no cards


All our ready picked blueberries are now sold only to order (minimum order 1kg). Orders are opened on our facebook page in January as each flush of berries ripen. Please include your mobile number with your order so we can text you when it is ready.

Dessert Grade Fresh Blueberries (Firsts)

These are our premium berries. They are ready to be enjoyed fresh or in desserts. They are also great to freeze for a year round supply. We can supply them ready frozen too - phone 0409 316 724 to arrange.

Commercial Grade Frozen Blueberries (Seconds) - if available

These undersize or under or over ripe blueberries come ready frozen in 1 kg bags at a reduced price. They are suitable for baking or jam making.


Access and Parking

Early in the season (before Pick Your Own starts on Australia Day) you are invited to drive down to our shed door to collect your order of ready picked blueberries (walking pace only - track shared with our pickers).

Once PYO starts parking is only available outside our front fence. We require 24/7 access so please park well clear of our gateway and access track.